Good evening this Sunday. The Metal Librarian website was created as an outlet for a place for people to find information about metal music news, album releases, album reviews, and plenty more, adding the intersection of libraries, through the lens of a Librarian. The Metal Librarian is a Librarian who lives in California. His favorite metal band of all time is Opeth, a famous progressive death metal band from Sweden. As far as metal music goes, the Metal Librarian is open to everything on the metal music spectrum. The fact of the matter is, that metal music is a form of artistic expression, and what everyone enjoys as a fan is entirely subjective. Yet, the discussion of metal music is fascinating to me, and truly enjoying getting people to be open to metal music and find their sound on the metal music spectrum they crave.

My name is Jameson, and I love all things metal music, and all things libraries, so this website was a perfect creation for me. As this site continues to develop, the types of content provided will grow and expand. The goal is for this website to become a location for anyone to discover new bands, and learn about metal music in all its wonderful glory, through a Librarian.