New Metal Releases

Alkaloid (German progressive death metal)-Liquid Anatomy-May 30 Mesarthim (Australian atmospheric black metal/trance)-Ghost Condensate-May 30 Evilterror (Columbian heavy/speed metal)-Dynamite-May 30 Dissolution (Canadian death metal)-Insects and Interlopers-May 31 Idolatry (Canadian black metal)-In Nomine Mortis-May 31 Acromizer (Spanish thrash metal)-Awakening-May 31 Energema (Columbian power metal)-Magical Force-May 31 Evohé (French black metal)-Deus Sive Natura-May 31 Constantine (Greek melodic/progressive metal, Read More

Venom Deluxe Vinyl Box

Venom is one of the bands most notably credited in creating the first forms of thrash, extreme, and ultimately black metal. The band did not achieve elite-level status in terms of album sales yet, they do have an almost cult-like following, due to their longevity and ability to stay true to their sound. On May Read More

Upcoming Metal Releases

Welcome back metal fans. Once again I am here with some new metal albums coming out. Feel free to message me at if you have any news about upcoming albums and I will make sure to include them on future posts. Rammstein-(German industrial metal)-Untitled-May 17, 2019 Saint Vitus (American heavy metal)-Saint Vitus-May 17, 2019 Read More