New Metal Releases

Alkaloid (German progressive death metal)-Liquid Anatomy-May 30 Mesarthim (Australian atmospheric black metal/trance)-Ghost Condensate-May 30 Evilterror (Columbian heavy/speed metal)-Dynamite-May 30 Dissolution (Canadian death metal)-Insects and Interlopers-May 31 Idolatry (Canadian black metal)-In Nomine Mortis-May 31 Acromizer (Spanish thrash metal)-Awakening-May 31 Energema (Columbian power metal)-Magical Force-May 31 Evohé (French black metal)-Deus Sive Natura-May 31 Constantine (Greek melodic/progressive metal, Read More

Upcoming Metal Releases

Welcome back metal fans. Once again I am here with some new metal albums coming out. Feel free to message me at if you have any news about upcoming albums and I will make sure to include them on future posts. Rammstein-(German industrial metal)-Untitled-May 17, 2019 Saint Vitus (American heavy metal)-Saint Vitus-May 17, 2019 Read More